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Mountaire and Interstate Container Cambridge

Mountaire and Interstate Container; it’s a simple connection. Mountaire is in the poultry business and Interstate Container has found an innovative way to ship poultry. I got the chance to visit one of Mountaire’s plants in Selbyville, Delaware last week. New to the boxing industry, I was quite surprised at the conditions the Greencoat boxes were able to withstand.

Greencoat is an alternative to wax boxes, traditionally used by poultry companies, as well as seafood and produce companies. Because Greencoat is recyclable, it can actually create new avenues of revenue. Mountaire is also a company that is interested in the “green” approach.

Mountaire says that they are dedicated to, “A strong record of creating environmentally sustainable farming and business practices.” They are living up to this daily in Selbyville; I have seen it.

Now you have too… Theses are just boxes of chicken; chilled and stacked seven high. The boxes have maintained their strength, even in the watery conditions surrounding them. This is a testament to their durability and multitude of uses. Wether the product needs to be chilled, frozen, or just plain packaged, Greencoat boxes perform just as good as wax board.

I saw another highly coveted feature from Interstate Container and Greencoat while I was there as well. Customized boxes, specifically the height of the box. Because everything is stacked for shipping, even a few inches of extra room can cause a box to collapse under those weights. Mountaire was testing their new 6 1/4″ box for 40lb’s of chicken legs while I was there. The box filled just to the top, making sure there was no room for failure.

All together it was a great learning experience. These two companies have a great amount of respect for the environment and have taken strides to become leaders in their communities.

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