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Interstate Container’s Newest Plant Opens December First in Columbia, South Carolina

Interstate Container is expanding, now opening a plant focused solely on Greencoat®; the companies eco-friendly wax-alternative packaging. The new plant in Columbia, South Carolina is scheduled to begin operations on December first.

Initially the new plant will create 25 jobs, according to Jim Krahn, head of process and product innovation. He also said that they will eventually expand to 100 employees, “within the next year.”

That’s big news for Lexington County and there were a few reasons Interstate Container decided to place their new facility there. “County offered us a great location and has the positive business environment we are looking for. South Carolina also provides our company with exceptional market access as we seek to increase our customer base.”

South Carolina’s Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt said, “The decision by Interstate Container to locate its new facility in Lexington County not only speaks to our state’s business-friendly and talented workforce, but also its exceptional access to markets. South Carolina provides companies with a strategic location to reach markets all along the East Coast as well as throughout the Southeast.”

Interstate Container’s Greencoat® will continue to expand as far as they push it. It’s a great product that’s as strong as traditional boxes, it’s recyclable, and doesn’t cost any more than the competitors non eco-friendly products. Greencoat® is a compostable, repulpable wax-alternative board that can be used to package a number of food products, including:

  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • And Produce

The new plant will produce enough Greencoat® boxes to replace over 700,000 square feet of non-recyclable board per year; making Interstate Container’s $13 million investment, well worth it.

The remarkable performance of Greencoat® boxes in the marketplace have made Interstate the industry leader in Wax Replacement packaging for fresh food.  This fully recyclable product provides amazing results that allow it to replace wax boxes, which cannot be recycled.  The Columbia plant is dedicated to the Greencoat® product line that is the new standard for box performance for Wax Replacement packaging.

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