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Interstate Container Cambridge is proud to be on the horizon of becoming the second largest producer of wax alternative boxes in the Nation.

In 1997 we were awarded the Growth & Development Award from the Dorchester County Economic Development Department. Since then we have received numerous awards on our way to becoming “The Foremost Developer and Producer of Innovative, Sustainable, Wax-Replacement Corrugated Products.” These awards include:

2010 Coalition for Resource Recovery Pioneer Award
Global Green

2010 Farms Environmental Star of the Month for July

2008 Two Years of Collision Free Driving Award
JB Hunt

2007 Exceptional Efforts in Employment Opportunities Award (Most recent, two more not listed)
Dorchester County Economic Development Department, Maryland

2003 Going Global Award
Dorchester Chamber of Commerce, Maryland

2000 Safety Excellence Award
Association of Independent Corrugated Converters & Fibre Box Association

1999 Growth & Development Award
Dorchester County Economic Development Department, Maryland (another one)

Greencoat® is our game changer. Greencoat is our wax-alternative boxes designed for shipping poultry, seafood, and produce. It out performs and can turn a cost, into a revenue stream; it is recyclable, repulpable and compostable. (see Greencoat® page)

With customers as our partners, we take a consultative approach to understand their needs and to develop innovative solutions that meet their requirements. Interstate Resources’ team of professional designers, graphics artists, and practitioners engage our customers to create cost effective, environmentally-sensitive corrugated solutions.

Interstate Container is a division of Interstate Resources, Inc.

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